Membership Committee

The membership committee is responsible for the promotion of both regular and associate membership in the Association. The committee: 

  • Reviews and records all online applications for membership and reconcile corresponding payments to forward to the treasurer; 
  • Maintains the membership roster to reflect current paid members and membership categories; 
  • Communicates with institutions and organizations to understand the membership needs and opportunities; 
  • Actively recruits new members through communication and outreach efforts to potential leads; 
  • Coordinates with training and conference committees on training and events that connect with potential new members; 
  • Provides a quarterly report of activities to the secretary and president prior to Council meetings and an annual report prior to the annual meeting; 
  • Completes other duties as identified.


  • Jessica Kellar (Chair), Southern NH University

Volunteer Today!
Members are encouraged to participate in the association to ensure NHASFAA capitalizes on the collective knowledge of our membership to remain a leader in engaging, educating and empowering financial aid professionals in New Hampshire. 

To get involved, please send an email to [email protected] for additional information