Ashley Januszewski Outstanding Contribution Award

Ashley Januszewski Outstanding Contribution Award

The NHASFAA Outstanding Contribution Award was renamed in 2019 to the Ashley Januszewski Outstanding Contribution Award. This award recognizes a NHASFAA member's extraordinary personal dedication and volunteerism  that advances NHASFAA's mission.

Ashley Januszewski joined NHASFAA in 2014 upon beginning work in the financial aid industry for the New Hampshire Higher Education Assistance Foundation. She was a committed member serving on the Communications Committee, and was recognized with the Lisa Jo Moher Award in 2018 as part of that committee. Unfortunately, Ashley's exceptional contributions to NHASFAA were short-lived, as she passed in the late summer of 2019. The acting NHASFAA Council at that time voted unanimously to rename the Outstanding Contribution Award in honor of her and her contributions to the association. 

Award Recipients

Nermina Jamak, SNHU


Jennifer Skilton, SNHU


Rich Neilsen, The NHHEAF Network


Julie Lawton, Cognition Financial


Maureen Fagen, Sallie Mae